Upon arrival, the house was not very clean. There were food crumbs & plastic wrappers on the carpeted areas, which drew in a lot of ants on the carpets. We found empty soda cans under the upstairs beds, which attracted ants in the loft as well. My kids didn't even want to sleep up there. The dining table still had dried on food on it and the kitchen counters were dirty as well. I found wet dish towels in the washer, the dryer did not work well. The flourescent kitchen light barely worked, & the garbage disposal did not work, the frig kept freezing our food and the master bath faucet dripped constantly. There was no vacuum available or I would have been happy to clean the carpet myself. I did contact the owner via email upon our arrival, to let him know of the ants, we just felt that whoever cleaned the property before we arrived must have had their eyes closed, it was filthy!

- Gen H. 07/21/2015

I arrived for my family vacation after these guests checked out. Living over 5 hours from my condo I have to rely on others to let me know if there are issues. I only wish they or someone else had reported the problems that were not disclosed to me. Working with my maint company I was able to replace the garbage disposal that had seized, replaced the bulbs in kitchen light, fixed the doorknob on the hall closet (with the vacuum in), unclogged the drain line from the freezer defrost that was dripping into the fridge area, clean out the dryer vent which was clogged cause the lint trap was removed and not replaced by a previous tenant was clogged preventing good operation of the dryer, fixed the dripping faucet in the master bathroom sink and steam cleaned the carpets. When contacted about the Ants I offered to have the pest control service I have on call dispatched if they didn't go away after the unit had been cleaned prior to their stay and have my handyman fix the leaky faucet but was never contacted again. As I hope you can see from my other reviews I try to be very responsive and will respond quickly and resolve any issues you may encounter during the booking process, your stay or after checkout. Best Regards, Andrew